Friday, August 30, 2013

Waving Flags and Holding Signs for a Purpose?

This morning, as I was watching the local news, the traffic guy said that the highways looked great.

People were getting to work and getting away for the holiday weekend without a problem and in fact, it would have to take something drastic for a backup today. Five minutes passed and they checked back in with the traffic guy. He came on the air with a disappointed tone, and as he was showing a blurry traffic-cam, he reported that there were people on an overpass by my house waving flags and causing people on I-70 to slow down to look at them. The face of Friday morning traffic had its first blemish.

Intrigued, I drove past these people to see what was going on.


They're teaming up to criticize the president. There was a giant blue sign that told all of the morning commuters to "Impeach Obama." I'm sure their call-to-action ignited lots of un-caffeinated khaki-clad regular Joes to whip the car around to go home, grab the pitchfork and hop a flight to Washington...

Fine. It's within their rights, but don't make people late to work. Speaking of work, don't these people work?

Then there are these two in front of Jiffy Lube. They're holding signs too, but just barely. The girl's sign was upside down as she held a conversation and checked her phone. They're getting paid.

I really like how someone added a handmade question mark to this sign. It looks great.

I think Lady Gaga said it best when she said, "I'm on the edge of glory..." I truly believe that I live in a part of the world where mediocracy reigns supreme and as mind-boggling as it is to live here, I'm going to find the humor in it to share.

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