Thursday, March 3, 2011

The United States of Waving.

I mean, they look like they're having fun... As I sat there at the light, I just watched him wave, turn, wave and turn. Pulling up a bit, I could see his face and he was smiling. It wasn't just a casual smile, it was a smile of doing something out of his element. Mr. liberty was chewing gum, and with every chomp and open, the chomp always returned to that giant smile. I thought to myself, that must be kind of a nice feeling-being out there for everyone to see; on a muddy, yellowed-grass stage. No boss to tell you you're not doing it right, just another person dressed as silly as yourself to come out in a couple of hours to change shifts with. Today's turquoise corner thespian had a forearm tattoo and white hair. Everyone's got different techniques. His simple delivery (the classic oscillating double 10-to-2 wave) made me respect his "no-frills" classiness.

I wonder how much they get paid. That's all I've got.