Monday, July 29, 2013

This past weekend

Today is Monday, and I am sore. My weekend was jam-packed with nothing, so I created things to do. On Friday, I took off the second-half of the day to watch my kid. I went to the mall and bought some khakis (navy, light blue and orange). Saturday, my wife had a photoshoot to do, so I made breakfast, and watched the Lion King with Maximilian. We played pretty hard on his indoor slide, inspiring a midday nap. I went to Home Depot for random house supplies. Later on that day, I took Max on a 7-mile run, while I pushed his 33.7 lbs in the jogging stroller. That night, I got Max into bed while my wife enjoyed "ladies' night" with some friends.
Sunday, I got up and made breakfast, and just hung out. I went and hit 70 golf balls at the driving range. It was exhilarating. I came back home, ran to Panera for sandwiches, then we went to a winery in town, drank wine and then went to the in-laws' house for steaks and longhorn cattle burgers.
Today is Monday, and I am sore.