Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walking with Cheeses.

Two days ago I went into QuikTrip, a local gas station/convenience store, to buy a bottle of water. As I walked up to the counter, a weary foot-traveler asked me if I knew where the closest train station was. I told him it was across town; a very long walk. "Why doesn't anyone know where a train station is, or where a bus stop is? Everyone's treating me like I'm an idiot... Well... I am" said the man. I kept trying to help him get where he needed to go, but then I realized that he had tattoos on his face. At the bridge of his nose, he had a small circle and larger ones as they went down his nose, with a big one encircling the end of his nose. However, the tattoo on his left (my right) cheek almost made me giggle. It was a triangular piece of swiss cheese. It was a triangular piece of swiss cheese. Swiss. Cheese. In a triangle.

How does a person get a job having that tattoo? What would his job be? Cheese inspector? Tattoo artist? He was very dirty and had a dog tied up to the trash can outside. I probably will never see him again, but if I do, I'll remember him. Safe travels, dude. 

I drew a picture of him.