Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You can serve me, but you can't take care of me.


It really irks me when a server comes to my table and they start off by saying, "Hi my name is (usually some stupid name like Hannabelle or Kiffani), and I'll be taking care of you tonight..."

I don't really get that. Taking care of me? Are they gonna pay for my food? Will they chauffeur me around and drop me off at home safely after dinner? Will they tackle a crazed gunman in the restaurant to ensure we have a great experience? I don't think so. How about you just refill my drink every now and then and check back often and leave me my check, hmmm?

From now on, when I hear that phrase, I'll deduct a bit of my tip because I hate that line so much. And until my server steps in front of a bullet to save my life, they won't be taking care of me.

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Megan said...

You can't deduct a tip for that! THAT'S lame, because they're probably forced to say that by the lame establishment they're working for.
Now, if they say they're going to take care of you, and then they ignore us most of the time. That deserves a deduction. And Kiffany rocks. What a BA.