Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hot Rods and Flatbeds.

Last week, I went to Steak and Shake to get some lunch. As I was sitting in my booth, I heard the faintest, most grizzly voice I've ever heard. It sounded as if its owner ate lit cigarettes all day while smoking cigarettes and then ate those cigarettes too. It was as if a bulldozer was outside dragging a car that was chained to a Harley that was getting hailed on by gravel.

I looked over, and the image did not disappoint.

 This guy was in "Burt Reynolds mode." A true flashback of Americana, he played the part incredibly. Slicked back hair, Rhett Butler 'stache, blurred-out name tat on his hand, and drinking a sweet tea.

I couldn't make out all of the words that he was saying, but I didn't need to know them all. I heard the best ones. Here's a list of the words I caught:

  • Tars (tires), which he said like 4 times.
  • '55. I'm assuming he was talking about a car.
  • Whiskey. 'Nuff said.
  • Kentucky. Yep.
  • Shrimp. Hmm... interesting...
  • Football field.
  • Flatbed. This one's probably my favorite.
I loved seeing this guy. He's a dying breed.

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