Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chicken-hawks, go home.

A picture says a thousand words. This one says "Whew!"



. said...

way to storm the court after winning a game at home you were a 4point favorite in. fact is, to one team it was the biggest game of the year and to the other team it was just another road game. fact is, ku has a winning record IN columbia. fact is for the series to just be tied ku would have to lose every game to missouri for the next 35 years. fact is when ku "goes home" they play in phog allen field house on james nasmith court. mu had to change the name of their arena because they tried to name it after a chick who couldnt even pass a class at UCLA.

Jim said...

KU fans are an angry bunch. I would be too if I lived in Kansas.

jackknife rodriguez said...

Um... I didn't storm any court and thanks for the facts, genius. Thanks for putting your name on your comment too, .
I didn't say anything to this lady and what does she do? Starts quoting facts to me. How can a group of fans be such jerks?