Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lucky shirt or Shirt of Doom?

Today, I'm wearing my horseshoe western shirt. Perhaps I'll have good luck today... or perhaps someone thinks it's a stupid shirt and hits me with their car. I guess I'm really taking a risk wearing this thing. It's actually pink too.


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krimelab kares said...

news to me. so here goes rk29. kp32 just wrapped up 2nd movie, new painting. trying to convince people that i am not the lead singer of mudvayne. prepping to run a 5k. ( trying something new). gonna join a mexican soccer league. (they play pick up by yer old house) getting some new dancing shoes for that gig. And..... i just bought an animation program for shites and friggles. so look for that. got puppetmaking supplies for my kid's show. finishing comicbook on blog in coming weeks. working like i have no choice in the matter.wearing customized ManU jerseys. being pale. gijoe previews. the sleepman usually arrives around 7ish. drinking coffee. moving to either prairie village, downtown, or lenexa. making the underground mine. oh, and being awesome. kisses.