Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old people can be bullies too.

Yesterday Meg and I went to Panera Bread Co. to eat. (I always think it's funny to call it Pantera Bread Co.) Anyhoo, while we were in line, this elderly lady came up and asked if we were in line. Then she said, "I can't read the menu from here," and walked up closer. Then... she cut in line. After we ordered, I walked up to her and she apologized for cutting in line, but it was too late! I told her she was sneaky and I knew her kind. As I was walking to my seat I walked past her and elbowed her gently as she was in my way. I hope it didn't leave a big bruise on her liver-spotted hands. If it did, maybe she'll look down at it in the next couple of months and realize that cutting corners doesn't pay off.

Megan told me to be nice to her because she doesn't have as long to live as I do. I said that I was mad at her for getting to live a long, cushy life (eating at Panera). Then I chomped on my potato chips as loud as I could in her general direction.

Well, we did leave the restaurant before she did. We win.

No, I win.


Joe In KC said...

It's like the time you punched my grandma for smarting off. She deserved it.

jackknife rodriguez said...

Or when I totally dissed Nick's grandma Dean for wanting to watch the sunset. I'm a jerk.

Megan said...

Ugh. Potato chip chomping. UGH!