Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some things that drive me nuts...

Whistling nose hairs when people breathe through their nose, 3-pronged forks, recumbent bikes, KU fans, people trying to talk through a yawn, vampires, when a toenail snags when putting on socks, annoying servers at restaurants, homeless guys that have dogs, stepping in gum, ants, wooden popsicle sticks, waiting in lines, talking to someone on the phone who's using the restroom, mohawks, when tv commercials take old songs and change the lyrics and completely ruin the original. Just to name a few.


Joe In KC said...

I bet the homeless man with a dog gets way more change than the homeless man without a dog. It's a brilliant homeless man strategy.
And KU fan can eat it.
Oh and douchebags with Affliction t-shirts too.

Misty said...